Millinery Oľga Janderlová

Company Profile

The company „Olga Janderlová – Módne doplnky“ – Oľga Janderlová Millinery was establishen in 1992. Our company is devoted to handmade ladies’ hats, own designs.


The Company sells hand made ladies’ hats on the Company’s own design; spring, summer, autumn and winter hats made on the world-known designs of renowned foreign manufacturers for ladies and men of classical style, silk top hats, toppers, bowler hats, men’s French berets, ladies’ caps and berets, ladies’ and men’s fur caps manufactured by Vzorodev.

We also sell hat cases and gloves: ladies’ and men’s gala gloves, kid gloves, suede and leather gloves of various colors.

Made to order

We make on the order national costume hats for folklore ensembles, cinema and theatre, for fashion shows.


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